How we help

We offer treatment options that get results

At your first appointment, you will spend an hour with one of our experienced, qualified practitioners. They will discuss what your facial concerns or goals are, and then offer a complete, individualised full facial analysis, explaining the ageing process and how it applies to your face. Whether you are yet to see the signs of facial ageing, or are well aquatinted with it, we will then be able to offer treatment options to either slow the ageing process, or improve on areas that may already be concerning you.

Our treatment options include or combine the use of injectable products to soften and smooth lines and wrinkles, revolumise or enhance natural features, or subtly improve facial contours and neck and chin definition. In addition, the latest advances in Ultrasound, Laser and Radiofrequency technology allow us to offer revolutionary, non-surgical skin lifting, tightening and resurfacing. We also provide medical laser treatments for pigment, redness or severely sun damaged skin. Our no downtime medical grade peels will start your journey towards healthy, luminous skin, and you can carry on the good work at home with our ranges of premium cosmeceuticals to nourish, optimise, and help repair skin damage. We collaborate with, and refer to a number of leading surgeons and medical specialists, if an appropriate treatment solution is not offered by our clinic.